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Spencer Kappelman

Spencer Kappelman was born in Waynesboro, Virginia. His family moved to Bristol, Tennessee when he was four where he grew up and attended school. He began playing trumpet in the band in the fifth grade. He played in the band through high school. When he graduated he attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where he majored in music education. He transferred in 2000 to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville to pursue the same major. He then changed his major in 2005 to music composition in hopes of gaining more inspiration for music. Since then he has studied with Dr. Jacobs in pursuit of the creation of music.

  • "One Voice" for trumpet solo, (2'15")

  • "Intensity" for piano solo, (3'30")

  • "Remembrance Sonata" for trumpet and piano, (3'00")
  • April 2007 - "Invasive Thought" woodwind quintet is performed at the Music from the Living concert at the University of Tennessee School of Music
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