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Justin Rayna

Born: March 24,1982 in Grand Prairie, TX to Adrienne Rayna and Artis Sims.

Moved to Pennsylvania at age two and was raised by his mother and stepfather, Brydie Harris.

The second oldest of seven, three half siblings and three foster siblings, Justin comes from a very creative family, artistically, emotionally, and analytically. His music reflects that in variety, timbre, fusion, and specificity that is solely his own.

Justin discovered the love of music at age 12 when he joined the marching band in middle school and his mother brought home an old out of tune player piano.

Justin is a self taught pianist and composer, having spent many hours in the midi labs in high school while studying percussion in any and all co-curricular and extracurricular courses that had drums: concert band, jazz band, orchestra, percussion ensemble, marching band.

The majority of Justinís work was learned through his natural ear and many hours of experimental music. Justin is also his own audio engineer, mixing and mastering all of his works with detailed intention. There is only one word that can describe Justinís writing: prolific.

Justinís musical influences come from the likes of David Lanz, John Tesh, Wayne Gratz, and many other contemporary, new age pianists. His compositional style has been known to follow that of Cirque du Soeil mixing world sounds with new ideas in a very rhythmic fashion, which was the doing of his experience in Drum Corps International.
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