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Janet Bolds

"Music is a guide to introspection, offering a pathway to resolutions not bound by the ordinary exactitude of human language. Into lifeís chaos music imposes its own new order. Sound overflows with waves of recognition, repose and release."

Janet studied music in her early childhood: piano, trumpet and voice. As a young child, she created her own world with made-up melodies and songs. Her life was filled with piano recitals and performances with church vocal choirs. In high school, she played solo trumpet and participated in All-State Band. However, in college, she drifted from music and went on to pursue other academic interests, earning a Bachelors of Arts in English with a speech/drama/theater concentration from the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. Also, she studied in the Learning Disabilities, Special Education Masters level certification program at Butler University, Indianapolis, IN.

Even during these times, Janet did not completely abandon music, playing trumpet in the University of Kentucky Marching, Concert, and Symphonic Band; and studying organ, percussion and hand-bell choir at Butler University; and studying piano and trumpet at Maryville College and playing in the Maryville College Band. Her life experience as an educator includes teaching in many varied subject areas. In Indianapolis, she taught at Christ the King - English Enrichment and Remedial Math - and at Chatard High School - Reading Resource Room for students with special needs. At Christ the King, she coached the Academic Olympics and Speech Club. Under her direction the Speech Club placed 2nd in its region with several students winning first place in their categories. While at Middlesex County College in Edison, NJ, as an instructor and coordinator, she helped plan and implement the curriculum for a certificate program in computer and in English office skills. More recently, while at the University of Tennessee, she tutored a special needs student in Music Theory and volunteered as a piano teacher at the Joy of Music School for economically disadvantaged children of Knoxville.

In 1995, Janet returned completely to her first love - music. In 1997, she graduated summa cum laude from Community College of Rhode Island in Warwick, RI with an A.F.A. in Music, where she was awarded the Arthur E. Chatfield Music Scholarship. While at CCRI, she played trumpet in the Chamber Ensemble and sang with the Chamber Singers. Inspired to create her own music, Janet came to Knoxville, Tennessee to study composition with Dr. Kenneth Jacobs at the University of Tennessee. In 2002, she graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelors in Music Composition from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Currently, she continues to work toward her Masters in Composition under Dr. Kenneth Jacobís instruction and guidance. Janet wants to apply the knowledge of her past experience and bring all her enthusiasm and dedication to the creation of music.

  • "Brass Fugue" for Trumpet, F Horn, and Trombone Trio (1'6")

  • "Brass Interruptions" 4 Movements for Brass Quintet (11'26")

  • "Consider" for SATB Chorus a'capella (2'56")

  • "Cry of the Waterchild" for Piano Solo (3'46")

  • "Fluidity " for Flute and Marimba Duet (5'45")

  • "Fringe of Reality" for Saxophone & Piano Duet (5'15")

  • "Happy Sad Bluesy Day" for Bb Clarinet Solo (4'41")

  • "Happy Sad Bluesy Day" for Flute, Bb Clarinet, and Bassoon Trio (3'47")

  • "Quare?" for Chamber Orchestra (5'22")

  • "Seeking Serenity" 3 Movements for Orchestra (11'05")

  • String Quartet in 2 Movements (1 "Why Hesitate?", 2 "Hectic-Turmoil") (9'15")

  • "Through Brass Darkly" for Trumpet, F Horn & Trombone Trio (2'45")

  • "Through Brass Darkly" for Brass Quintet (2'46")

  • Three Short Pieces for Piano (1 "Invention", 2 "Prelude", 3 "Sinfonia") (2'37")
  • April 2007 - "Happy Sad Bluesy Day" woodwind trio is performed at the Music from the Living concert at the University of Tennessee School of Music
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