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Glenn Robert Kahler

"I have always been fascinated by the versatility of music. It can be a friend at times, at others an enemy. It has the power to console, reinforce or alter emotion, and is a means of affecting the physical as an intangible vessel of self expression. To me, Music is magic."

A native of northwest Ohio, Glenn Kahler spent much of his young life involved in a variety of musical activities. Piano, percussion, and voice lessons at an early age, later augmented by his involvement in marching and symphonic bands, concert choirs, and musical theatre, reinforced his fascination with the wide-ranging capabilities of music, particularly as a means of self expression. As a result, Glenn developed both a passion and profound respect for Music and the Arts. Following high school, Glenn attended The Ohio State University's School of Music for two years, before electing to postpone his studies in favor of traveling, composing and life experience. An introspective journey which lead him to Boston Massachusetts, where he lived for several more years, after which time, ultimately relocated to Knoxville to resume his training at The University of Tennessee. Currently, he is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Music Theory and Composition, under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Jacobs.

  • "First Flight" for solo clarinet, (2'06")

  • "Winter waits for Me" for solo voice and piano, (3'05")

  • "Midnight Dance with Lily" violin, viola and cello, (3'40")
  • April 2007 - "Midnight Dances with Lily" string trio is performed at the Music from the Living concert at the University of Tennessee School of Music
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